Yes, i am aware that Christmas is not here yet, and that's it's not even in the month of Christmas, but right now i'm listening to Christmas music and it put me in the Christmas Spirit mood! :) But anyways, it got me thinking. What if we all lived as if it were Christmas all the time! What if we were kind to everyone like we are when it's Christmas? What if we bought gifts for people or told them we appreciated them like we do when it's Christmas time? Well i've realized that a lot of times when it's Christmas i love on people a lot more than normally. Pretty much everyone does that. But I take forgranted that i have amazing friends! That God has blessed me so greatly with theses amazing people! And to all my friends and family, i wanted to say that I'm really sorry i take ya'll forgranted sometimes. It's not intentially, it's just what happens. So for the rest of the month i'm going to do my absolute best to let my friends know how much i appreciate them and live like it's CHRISTmas all the time! Remember Jesus lives!!! And He loves you!

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