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Didn't get to post yesterday but i would like this to be special for our men and women fighting for our freedom everyday and for those who fought for it in the past. It's only because we have brave soldiers who choose to fight for Freedom everyday that we get to get up in the morning and brush our teeth and eat our breakfast and read our Bible. Freedom is not free. We have incredibly blessed lives here in America. We can basically do whatever we want to because we are free. I think about the soldiers often and how there are people who are just a few years older than me fighting for our freedom and losing their lives. That's so amazing! When i hear people say things like, "well our soldiers don't really do much..." okay well what pops in my head when i hear them say that is lets see you go over there and do that.
I would love to be able to say that i would go and fight for our country but i don't think i would. I wouldn't be able to so when i see 18 year olds going and courageously fighting knowing that they may never come back home, well i become very proud of them and it brings me hope. So to any person reading this please remember out troops and pray for them daily. And to anybody reading this who has served or is about to i'd like to say to you.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless!!!

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