God answers prayers

Yes this is true! God always answers prayers! When you pray, He hears you! BUT sometimes God doesn't answer the way we think He should. I mean i could make a huge list of all the things that i think God should've answered differently, but when i look back on that list then i'll realize that God allowed certain things to take place for me to build a relationship with Him and grow stronger in it. Looking through the Bible you see all kinds of prayers answered like..
The Israelites being led out of Egypt into a safe place out of captivity.
Hannah prayed to God for a child and He gave her one (1 Samuel 1)
Hezekiah prayed to the Lord for deliverance (2 Kings 19: 14-19) and so He did.
David killed a giant (9 feet tall to be exact) because God answered a prayer.
That's just some of them. There are many, many others. But there are also prayers that God DOES answer but not the way we want it. But like i know if God didn't do things the way He has in my life i would be... well i wouldn't be good. lol So all this just to let you know that whatever you are praying wether it be a miracle, healing, deliverance... whatever! GOD WILL ANSWER IT!!! So keep heart and keep praying because God will answer it. love u peoples!

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