Ayiesha Woods - Love Like This lyrics

I want to stay in Your presence all day / And I don't care if the time slips away / There's no place I'd rather be / When You're here surrounding me with Your love / I'm finding out that nothing compares / With these endless moments we share / Now I have peace of mind / Fulfillment of a great kind when I'm with You / And I… I've never known love like this before / My heart is Yours / I... I've never known love like this before / You take my breath away / Lord I can't imagine not having You here / And I find it so amazing / What I feel when You're near / When it's just me and You / There's nothing that I can't do / So take me away / I never want this to end / I am surrounded by Your love - it's everywhere / And all that I am is Yours forever
Truly i have never known a love like Jesus Christ! My heart beats rapid when i think of Him! He holds my heart because He is truly the only One i can trust with it. I've never seen a man like my Jesus! And just so you know i may not be able to see Jesus right now in flesh but i can see Him in my heart and i know He's all around me!


  1. WOW!!! Thank you for your music and words! I may not be able to see Jesus right now either, but truly He must smile when He hears you sing!

  2. Ayiesha, you are amazin, gurl! Keep up the work for God! I love you, but God will always love you more!!Thanks sooooo much for all your music! I love "Love Like This"!!!! Your love for God overwhelms me! You are such a good example to all of us!


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