Jesus, i'm sorry I forgot..

So yesterday i was reading in one of my devotional books,this devo book is by Rebecca St. James and it's called Pure. And it's was on the movie "The Passion of the Christ". And the story i read was this,
"Mel Gibson spoke at one of the conferences i was at and said that a nun watched his movie and after watching it prayed, "Jesus, i am sorry i forgot."

When i read that i thought wow! Because sometimes it's so easy to forget just how incredible is what Jesus did for us. Really painful but He did just for us! So it said John 19 and so I did and then i started crying because i just realized that i completelty forgot what Jesus did for me. Well, i didn't forget i guess i forgot the meaning and power of what Jesus did for me. And so i end this in saying,
Jesus, forgive me, i forgot.


  1. that one little sentence is so simple and yet so profound. wow. how often we do forget!


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