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Well tonight at The Basement was stinking amazing!!!! As always :) but this post isn't particularly about The Basement this post is about our lives and glorifying God. So i was in the middle of the service *listening intently* and the Lord totally spoke to me. Back it up a bit to this morning/afternoon i was reading my devotional and it was on making sure that your life glorifies God in everything I do and so i started praying and talking to the Lord about my desire for my life to be completely His. And during the service Matt Pitt is talking about imitating Christ and then someone yawns and then what did I do? Yawned because you know how when someone yawns and you see it then you yawn and it's contagious (I'm going somewhere with this, i think ;) well I thought wow what if we lived our lives for Jesus so radically that when people saw us they would want that Love we got and that joy we got and come to know Jesus!!!?! How awesome would that be? How incredible would it be if everyone saw us and the way we live out life (not just talking the talk but walking it out too) and begin to have a relationship with the King? That would be completely amazing! And it's not impossible so I've decided to challenge myself (and you) to make sure every move i make is glorifying to God and that the world would know Jesus Christ through me. Saint Francis of Assisi said, "Preach the Gospel everywhere you go, use words- if necessary." Just a thought from the Lord if you wanna think about it! sweet dreams of Jesus!

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