Last night

Last night at The Basement was great! Jason Standridge spoke about the Love of the Father and i thought he did a fantastic job. As some people know Jason and his wife had a baby boy 3 months ago and so Jason knows what being a father is like now. So he talked about how he understands how God doesn't want us to hurt and He wants to do anything for us to keep us from hurting but sometimes God allows certain things to happen so that our faith in Him will grow stronger and that we will TRUST Him. Jason said that right now his son is totally relying on him for everything that he needs and that we as well need to totally rely on God everyday for all our needs! It's not easy sometimes trusting God because we can't see Him or physically 'hear' His voice. But when we trust in God and lay everything at His feet our stress level will not be at high because we know that whatever is going on our Daddy will fix it!!!! Here's some verses that Jason gave last night:
John 15:13
1 John 4:16
1 John 3:1
Jeremiah 32:41

Love your faces!! haha :P

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