Surrender. It's such a simple word to say so why is it so hard to do? One of the things that i used to struggle with was surrendering myself to God. It's just i didn't want to let go of my hopes and my dreams. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's gone through this. But when i finally gave myself completely to the Lord and totally surrendered there was this strange peace that came into my life. I no longer worried about my future because i know my Jesus is capable of providing for me. I let Him have the key to my heart and only Him because I've seen people give a little of themselves to a say boy/girl friend or just a friend. Trying to buy love from that person but let me tell you that absolutely NO ONE can love you the way your Maker loves you! Not a soul! He desires you all day everyday. When we don't let God have our hearts and our dreams we are missing out on what all God will use us for. But really who wants to use someone who doesn't want to surrender themselves to His will. Especially since God has proved Himself faithful over and over and over and over. So if there is something in your life you've been worrying about like.. where to go to school, what will happen in whatever situation, and who your gonna marry and when. Just give it all to the Lord lay it all at His feet and open your arms in sweet surrender. And let me say that it will be SWEET!!! It may be a process but it will pay off!! May God shower His love and blessings on YOU today!

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