I'm sure most of you know that our bodies are temple's for the Holy Spirit. But a lot of times when people talk about our bodies being a temple and that they need to be kept from impurities they don't consider food an "impurity". Like eating rice crispies treats everyday is an impurity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating a cookie every once in awhile but when you pig out its not good for you. Its something i have just been learning about recently. I thought that keeping impurities out from my body would be like not having sex before marriage or not wearing revealing clothes. Like treating my body with respect and honor. But then a friend of mine and I were talking about it and how you can't eat garbage all the time because it hurts your Temple. I happen to have a lot of trouble with eating. I eat when I'm happy, sad, mad, disturbed, stressed... etc. Not a good thing but I've always been that way. But Jesus is helping me right now to start getting my temple back to way God created it. My point in all of this is that i have challenge for you guys as well, how about we all come together and consciously think about what we put into our bodies before we do so. And also keep your mind pure too. Keep God's Word in your mind and heart and you will go amazing places!

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