Time is very interesting. Sometimes time is a good thing and then sometimes time is a bad thing. Over all time is very precious. Sometimes i think of all the things i could be doing and realize that i waste SO much time. Time wasted doing things like watching TV, getting on the Internet, eating all day long, etc... when i could be sharing Jesus with someone. Which reminds me that that is something I've been thinking about. What i really don't like is when people try to "force" Jesus upon someone. Jesus never did that. The Bible says to go forth and preach the Gospel not go forth and point out every body's wrongs and then tell them that they are going to Hell if they don't repent. That freaks people out. It freaks me out. It's like sharing a cookie (no disrespect intended) but for real we don't go to someone and say "Take this cookie right now!" (Not that you'd have to persuade someone to take it but anyways...) sharing the Gospel is telling them about the love that God has for them and how God gave His Son just for us and that when we choose to accept Jesus we are satisfied and fulfilled. That's sharing the Gospel. Once you tell someone about Jesus leave it up to God and He will do the rest in that persons heart. God doesn't look at how good a person is, He doesn't look at how they've lived their lives, God looks at the heart. And if there is some stuff that doesn't need to be in your heart God will change it. But glad i got that out ha ha. Anyways, back to time. Like right now here i am on the computer when i can be changing the world but then again maybe this blog is changing the world (hmmm.... ha ha: ) But I'm trying to challenge myself to use my time wisely and if you want you can do the same. Remember that Jesus loves you!!!!! l8ter!


  1. nice. I like the cookie analogy. that's really cool.

  2. oh well thanks miss Kelly!!! Appreciate the comment!! i love ya!!!


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