Brand new you!!! Well, today is New Years Eve (duh) and I though I'd let anyone who doesn't know that, you CAN be a brand new you!!!! But as Pitt said last night, your gonna have to give up a few things. I spent a while thinking about whether to post this or not, but hey, someones gotta answer God's call! So I've heard all these people talking about what their gonna do this new year and who their gonna be and dot dot dot. But maybe instead of making a list like.. lose weight, get new friends, buy new clothes.. we should do some soul searching and figure out whether your gonna follow God or now. Since God doesn't want people who are "on the fence" as to whether you want to live for Him or not. You need to make a choice. If you want to follow God for real then you need to surround yourself with positive, uplifting Christian friends. Good illustration, you CAN'T pull someone up, however they CAN pull you DOWN. If you walk around with people who cuss, drink, drug, party party... well your gonna cuss, drink, drug, party party. You can tell someone about Jesus and love them without hanging out with them. My heart is sad when I see my brothers and sisters so lost but my heart is even more sad when I see a person who's been living for God the best that possibly can and then they get drug back down. I don't like seeing them hurt so I can imagine that God is even MORE heartbroken since He loves us all SO much! For anyone who wants a brand new start you can have one!!! All you gotta do is ask God for a brand new start and boom, you got it! Pray with me,
I want a brand new start. I want to begin living for You with all my heart.
I'm not sure I can do this so please Lord give me the strength. Help me
glorify you with my life. I ask you into my heart. Fill me with Your spirit.
in Jesus' name,


Well guess what?!! You ARE BRAND NEW!!! The old life is gone and forgotten, trust that the Lord will bring you the help you need in every thing you do. Because God is Faithful!!! Give me a comment if you prayed that. God Bless You abundantly!!!!!!!!!!
peace <3

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