Came to My Rescue

My quote "Knight in shining armor" is Jesus Christ!!! He comes to my rescue anytime I need Him. I've never known anyone like Him before. And NEVER will!!!! He brings a smile upon my face when I just think about Him! He is my One True Love!!!!! S0 since today is Christmas eve I would like to challenge you to spend some time reflecting on who Jesus is to you. One of my fave worship songs is Came to my Rescue by Hillsong United here are the lyrics:

Came To my Rescue

Falling on my knees in worship
Giving all I am to seek Your face
Lord all I am is is Yours

My whole life I place in Your hands
God of mercy
Humbled I bow down
In your presence at Your throne

I called You answered
And You came to my rescue and I
I wanna be where You are

In my life be lifted high
In our world be lifted high
In our love be lifted high

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