Christmas Spirit Award!

I am very blessed to have been awarded this (thanks ~hon~ :)
I want to thank Jesus. I also want to thank my mom and my fans... okay just kidding! :P

5 things i love about Christmas:

1) I love the joy during Christmas. I mean the REAL joy that comes from Jesus' Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) I ove the fact that everyone shows each other love. Though i wish it weren't just on Christmas. But that goes to show the real happiness Jesus brings!
3) I love the Christmas story, which usually is only read during the Christmas Season.
4) I love the peace i feel during Christmas. It's almost unexplainable peace... incredible!
5) I love the amazing miracles that happen during Christmas!!!!!!!

I may have more to add later. It's still kinda early.. haha. But umm... thanks again!!! God Bless!!!


  1. Oh yeah fans...hahaha! That's funny! You are a blessing to me. GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY THIS CHRISTMAS! Tomorrow will be Christmas Eve here...want to know your future? hehehe! just kidding!

  2. haha, thanks! Your a blessing to me as well. hmm... i think i'll wait but thanks for the offer!! LOL


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