Do you know Jesus?

Hello!!! So i figured since it's Christmas time everyone who doesn't know the REAL reason for the Season i would share what it really is all about.
So the Lord really laid of my heart hard to write this post. So as you can tell above that the topic is do you know Jesus? So... do you? I don't mean know about Him from going to church every Wednesday and Sunday but i mean REALLY and truly knowing Him. I grew up in church but i basically 'played' church for a while but the Lord grabbed a hold of me about 2 years ago and i have been on fire for Him ever since. So i know what it's like to become cold to the things around me (such as church). Anyways, really getting to know Jesus is THE BEST THING THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN TO YOU! Everyone is looking for something. That's what all people have in common. Most of us people are looking for love. A lot of the times we look for it in things like-
shopping (clothes),
a boyfriend or girlfriend,
worldly things really.
But don't think if you aren't a Christian that you are the only person out there that looks for love in all the wrong places (as the song goes.) Because EVERYONE Christian and non-Christian alike look for love in the wrong places. Thank God for His grace. Us Christians are NOT perfect! WE are just forgiven. Trust me i am not perfect one little bit. I fall every single day and the only reason i am who i am is because God's grace is lavished on me!!! Now that all that is said since there is no better way to tell people who Jesus is than by going to the Word of God and laying it out.
Jesus prophesied about:
Isaiah 8:6, and Chapter 53,
The Story of Jesus' birth:
Matthew 1 & Luke 1 & 2
Jesus Crucified to save us:
John 18 and 19
Jesus rises to life again:
John 20

So that's the whole story of Jesus. You can go to http://www.biblegateway.com/ to read it all if you don't own a Bible. So here's the bottom line - Jesus has mad passion for YOU! God didn't want to be separated from us anymore so He sent His only son to die for US, once Jesus died and resurrected we were able to have life. No longer does our sin separate us from God. God will now come to us no matter where we are. We can't hide from God. You can be the uniquely made person God created you just by saying a very simple prayer-
I am sorry that I've hurt by all my sins. I'm sorry i was running in the wrong direction.
But my eyes have seen the things I've done and i need Your forgiveness. I ask Your forgiveness, Father and that Your Holy Spirit will come into my life and change me from the inside out. Thank You Lord for your love and forgiveness!

WOO! If you just prayed that prayer you have become a new creation!! The past is no longer here. Suggestion is to get into a Church you really like where you feel comfortable in your worship to God and the people around you. Now to get to know Jesus better here are the basic things i do:
1) pray- God just wants to talk to you. He loves you SO much and desires to hear from you. You don't have to pray these big, long prayers all you got to do is talk to God like tell Him about your day and the struggles you've been having. He will gladly help you out.
2) worship - just put a worship CD on and worship God. He loves it when You praise Him for who He is!
3) The Bible- just read 2 or 3 verses a day and meditate on them.

So there it is. Now i don't know if anyone will read this and get saved but i pray that this touches someones heart. Remember, it doesn't matter where you've been or who you've been God will take you as you are! Hope your blessed by this! peace * love to you

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