From Scarred to Sacred

So everybody has scars. Everybody has something that's happened to them that has scarred their heart. So many different things like:
drugs... etc.
All this stuff. But you know what God does for you when you let Him have all those scars? He takes you from Scarred to Sacred. This word came to me like 2 months ago. I was thinking about it and the word scarred spelled out in my head, then immediately afterwords the word SACRED spelled out. You know what you are? You ARE sacred! You are!!! This Christmas let God take you from scarred to sacred. Just a word. God Bless~


  1. it's official. You are a writer:) lol. I have this huge feeling inside of me that you are going to be a GREAT writer, who inspires the world and shines the light of Jesus through your writings:)i love you girl!!

  2. Aww... your gonna make me cry. haha
    But it's ALL JESUS!!!! He's so Awesome!!!!!!!!!! i love ya!!

  3. The title caught my attention in my dashboard...well said! SACRED!


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