God's Christmas present to you..

God's Christmas present to you is Jesus! He sent the Savior of the world to you! And with a smile He said, "Merry Christmas"! (Though no one knew what Christmas was yet ha ha:) So i was thinking, what is our Christmas present to God? I came up with a couple things in my head so here goes...

Ideas for a Christmas present to God:

  • your time. You can give God a little bit of your time! We spend too little time with Him and too much time watching TV (guilty ha), Internet, talking on the phone, etc.. Maybe you could just spend 2 hours with the Lord instead of always rushing.

  • your worship. Yes, God doesn't care if you can sing well or not, when you worship Him it makes Him SO happy!! It doesn't matter how you worship as long as you remember Who your worshipping! Give Him a little praise this Christmas!

  • your talents. Maybe there is something God is calling you to do and you can use your talent to show God you embrace them.

  • your obedience. God loves an obedient heart! You can give God your obedience in showing Him that, "I am willing."!!!!!!!!!!

What ever your Christmas gift is, remember the amazing birth of the Christ child this Christmas. Remember that God delights in you!!!!!! God Bless You~


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  2. Thanks ~hon~!!!! Your GREAT!! be blessed!


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