How Have I..

Gotten anywhere without God in my life? I haven't that's why! Though i do sometimes think, how in the world did I survive without Jesus? Seriously it's a wonder! God is so FAITHFUL!!! I've had many things happen this year that i thought how am I gonna make it? But truly God is faithful and He never let go of my hand. Not once!

When i was tired, He gave me rest.
When I was weak, He gave me stength.
When I needed help, He helped me.
When I needed somewhere to lay, He let me lay down at His feet.
When I needed some comfort, He comforted me.
When I needed ________ (dot dot dot) fill in the blank. God has always provided and He will continue to provide, all we need to do is REMAIN FAITHFUL TO HIM!!!!!!!!! We often times give up on God. Has God ever given up on you? answer: NO. So we have no need to give up on Him. Let Him take your hand and walk you along everything in life. This was just a thought, wanted to post. God Bless~


  1. hello! Just looked at your blog. Pretty cool! :} Be blessed!
    Thanks for checking out my blog!


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