New Years

New Years is on it's way. Probably the most encouraging time of the year for most because it's every body's chance to start out brand new. Everybody has their resolutions. But most of them get dropped off. Most of us usually have at least one of these on our list.

1) Lose Weight
2) Get married
3) Get out of debt
4) save money
5) quit smoking
6) Get a job
7) Eat healthy

But usually all of these things end up being forgotten. Pushed off. So instead of making resolutions I'm making REAL goals for myself and will pray to keep them. I don't want to make something that I probably won't ever do or try to do. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose a few pounds, but make sure that your leaning on Christ as you do. Things usually aren't as hard when you lean of the One who can hold you up... FOREVER!!! :D The important thing to remember about a new year is that you CAN be a brand new person. But it doesn't have to just be at the beginning of the year it can be whenever wherever because Jesus Christ can make ANYONE, no matter what their problems, BRAND NEW!!! That's VERY comforting!!! So let Him change you. 'Cause when He changes you it will last!!! God Bless


  1. It never ceases to amaze me with the timing of His ways. Our Pastors son had recently talked of this very message.

    It is true, instead of making New Years resolutions that most do not keep, we should be praying and allowing Him to hold us up! Loved this post.

  2. I agree with your insights...GOD's Perfect Will in our lives...we are most determined when we are most inspired and we are most inspired when we are in GOD! It's got to be all GOD!

    Oh I see that you changed your blog layout...changes...hehehe! I LOVE good changes! Oh dear, I've been doing great...It's New Year's Eve here later after 24 hours...hehehe! Want a sneak preview of your future? hahaha! just kidding!

    I LOVE this post and I LOVE the new blog look! GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY EVERYDAY, my dear friend! P.U.S.H.

  3. haha, yup loads of changes is me! lol God understands!! thank goodness. ha Glad to know your doing great!! the future.. that's a good one! lol be blessed! <3 peace out! (that was me.. gangsta... weird.)


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