God and His Son

This is a little eavesdropping on a conversation between God and satan,
He sneered very much.. thinking what is God's plan now.
God said, "I have a plan. And it will bring my Children much joy."
satan said, "ha, is gonna be like Your last one? You know... CHOICE. They chose to sin... now what?"
God said, "Those are MY Children you mock and I love them very much."
satan said, "so what now? how are You going to make up for their mistake?"
God said, "By making the Ultimate Sacrifice for them."
satan, "hmm... really? Because you know that not one of them has been faithful to your right? Not David, Isaiah, or Jeremiah. Each one of them has failed You. So I'm just curious.. how are You going to make them faithful to You again?"
God said, "I don't want them to be perfect. I want them to love Me and come back to Me."
satan said, "how?"
God said, "By sending a part of Myself to Earth. To live where they live and go through what they go though, so that my Children will know I know what it's like."
satan said, "Really?"
God said, "Yes, my Son will be all that for them."
satan backed up.. how could God send His Son for them? he thought.
so then he asked, "why?"
God voice, so soft and deep said, "Because I love them."
he didn't understand why God would love them..
God began telling His angel what was to happen,
"Go to earth and place My Son, in the womb of a teen girl named Mary, Tell her that this will be the Messiah they have all longed to see."
Gabriel said, "What if she doesn't believe?"
God said, "She will. She is My servant."
Lastly tell her this, "My Son.. .He shall be called Jesus. Tell her to name Him Jesus."
With that God smiled and then all that He told them would happen, happened.

May God Bless You this Christmas Season!!!!!!!!

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