Walk it Out!!!!

Walk it out!!! Something God has been teaching me is being a Christian isn't simply doing the "right" things but it is LIVING it. My goal is to live a life completely consumed in Jesus Christ sharing who He is and being as radical as I can be for Him. After all, He did die on the Cross. My heart cries out to God for Him to conform my will to His. So many times we Christians get hung up on simply doing the right things instead of being. BEING a Christian. Not all the time is it easy, but it is well worth it. I don't just want to talk the talk, i want to walk the walk as well. Sure telling people verses from the Bible is great, but if all you do is that.. that's not living it out. This week I will be doing my absolute best to LIVE out my faith so that it will be my life. How about we join together? God Bless!!!


  1. Your devotion to our Lord is amazing. It's blogs like this that really push and encourage me.

    ALSO, your blog title is awesome.

    Be blessed, and know that you have a Sister in me, praying for you!


  2. Thank you so much for your comment!!! You have a great blog yourself!! God bless you!!!!!

  3. Amen! Beautifully put. This is so true. We need to stop tyring to do the Right Thing, and Live for Him to be like Him and consumed by Him. Love it! You are a blessing.


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