Brand New Day

There is a song by Fireflight (the lyrics are below) that is called: Brand New Day.
I think it fits well since its the first of the year. Each day is a brand new day! God's
amazing grace is never run out. Every day He has more grace to pour out onto His
children. God is so crazy in love with us its not even funny. But do you know that sometimes
we get to busy that we lose sight of God and it sorta goes like this,
i really need to read my Bible... eh but my favorite show comes on
at this time.. but i need God... but He'll understand.
11:00 pm at night
oh my gosh! I can't believe that I put God off. I didn't read my Bible
or worship or pray and now I'm too tired.
Ever notice that when you procrastinate about spending time with God
it usually doesn't get done? I'm reading this book called Captivating (highly suggest to
ANYONE!!) and last night I was reading.. God longs to be loved. It's part of God's heart.
He doesn't want us putting Him off. The Bible tells us that our God is a jealous God and that is rightfully so because He doesn't ask much of us except for our lives! But so what if you didn't read the Word yesterday because TODAY is a BRAND NEW day! Today you can start reading your Bible and spending amazing time with the Lord. That's what He longs for and when you do you'll be blessed by it!!!!! peace <3


  1. True. We can be unfaithful but we definitely have a faithful GOD whose grace is sufficient enough everyday.

    "Whatever it is that GOD has not called you to do right now in your life, Satan will do his best to entice you with that very thing. Beware!" ~Priscilla Evans Shirer

    This post is good since we live in realities such as these. It is always good to know that we have a good and faithful GOD inspite of our shortcomings, huh?


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