My Heart to Yours

I have nothing to offer You except for my life. I am a sinner. I fail everyday. Its only by Your amazing grace that I am saved. I'm not a speaker that I could bring other people to You. That's only by Your power that anyone would get saved because of something Ive said. I lay myself down at Your cross. Holding absolutely nothing back. Holding tight to Your hands and humbleing myself before You. I do not choose to be a people pleaser. Too much time is spent trying to please others. No, I choose to be... a world changer! A city shaker! A bondage breaker!
A passionate person about God who will not back down. I don't care if I'm popular, God. As long You love me.. which is forever! Thank You for always seeing the real me. For always putting full attention on me. I can't ever thank You enough! i love You!!!!!!!


What ya' got to say? :)