Fully Alive?

So.. John 10:10 is probably one of the best ministering verse's ever. Tons of Truth in it! To refresh your memory John 10:10 says this,
"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full."
Which leads me to ask this question.. Are you fully alive? You know satan does absolutely EVERYTHING he possibly can to keep you from that abundant life Jesus wants us to have. He trys to take as many hits to us and he can thinking that we'll give up on living for Christ. A lot of times we do.. but the thing to remember is to go ONE more round because we can do the impossible through Jesus! So many people believe that being fully alive is having the latest car, making as much money as possible, having the picture perfect family, getting a big house, getting the best job.. but none of that satisfies and none of that is the abundant life Jesus is talking about. Sure, all that stuff is good and cool and there is nothing wrong with it but if that's all you have in your life then somethings missing.. or rather Someone. Jesus will bless you when you hand everything.. your dreams, hopes, love, life- over to Him. The abundant life begins when you ask Jesus into your life. I hope that you will (if you haven't already). The life you will have when Jesus comes into your life will mess you up it's AWESOME!!! God bless you!

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