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I've posted a bit today but I have to post what the Lord has been teaching me! If you read Nehemiah 3 and 4 you'll find out that God have Nehemiah the task of rebuilding a stone wall around Jerusalem. But he didn't have much of the supplies that he needed or the people. He was very short on people actually and many people told him that he can't do it. Goes to show what a big God we serve! In Nehemiah 6 these 2 guys Sanballah and Tobiah were basically talking smack to Nehemiah telling him that there is no way in the world that he can rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. But Nehemiah kept God is focus and ended up completeing the task just as God has told him he would. But the only reason he was able to was because he kept trusting in the Lord and he knew he served a MIGHTY God!!! As Children of the Most High our job is to trust the Lord with everything inside of us so that we don't lose sight of how BIG a God we have! When we start dwelling on things that aren't going exactly the way we hoped, we forget that we can trust God! He says in Romans 8:28, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.." So today just rest in the hope and peace that God has got your back and there is no need to listen to people who say that you "can't" do something because through God, we CAN do ALL things!!!!!! be blessed!

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