He Made Me Different

God- He made me different. I'm not like everybody else. Never have been and don't want to be. In fact, God made each one of us different! He made us not of this world! Holy and blameless. But somewhere along the way we lost what God made us. We lost what He intended for us to be. My goal is to help others find their way back to the "default" that God set for them. See what other people see is not what God sees. People don't see the integrity you have, like God does. People don't see the future He has planned for you. Why do we try so hard to be like the other people around us? Why are we afraid of being different? Let me tell you, God loves it when we embrace the way He created us instead of saying,
"Oh God, why did you make me so fat?"
"Father, why did you make me so small?"
"Lord, why did you make me so stupid?"
Those are just some of the complaints. But there are many others. I've decided that no matter how I feel of myself I'm going to accept God's truth and believe it. You should too! Because God has many many things planned through you and though you may not be able to see that God can, He sees your potential. So when other people tell you that you can't do something forget what they say and remember what God says! He loves you! peace~

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