A simple thing that I've been thinking about is this... why do we hold human beings like us so high? For instance, Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers have millions of kids who go absolutely crazy over them. Yet when we talk about Jesus Christ being the Son of God and dying for us all people aren't in awe of that. Why do we give fame to people? I will tell you right now that I hold only Jesus Christ high! If your in a movie, that's wonderful! But if you think that I'm going to treat you any differently than a friend, that's not gonna happen. You won't see me screaming over a person who's in a movie or in the music biz or in sports. I think it's great when you see different people standing up for Christ! Anyone who stands for Christ Jesus whether your in a movie or in school I think that's great! But God commands us not to create for ourselves any other god but Him. When you plaster your wall with some person that's making for yourself a god. Not pointing the finger or anything because I used to have one person in particular that I thought was the best thing that's ever walked the earth but then I met Jesus Christ and He turned my entire viewpoint around!!! So just remember that we serve a GIANT God who loves!! I'm not saying that people who sing or are in movies are bad because they probably aren't. I'm saying that even they don't want to be held on a pedestal.

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