Inauguration Tuesday

Well, today is something that is marking history. Inauguration going down today. And I've been thinking about it. People are freaking out over different things and some are showing disrespect to past Presidents. Regardless of your party whether your Republican or Democratic we all are made by the same God. You may or may not agree with President Obama but we still need to pray for him. Leading the country is not easy regardless of who you are. I will pray for him to the best of my ability and I ask you to do the same. We are all on the same team. Whether that be meaning team USA or on the Jesus team. We don't need fighting with each other during the race. We may not agree with the things some of us say (we're all entitled to our opinions) but God wants us to love each other ever the same. It's our job as Christians to set an example of who Christ is and taking the courage to swallow our pride and forget our differences and love each other truly. This is just a thought... God bless you!

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  1. Hi there!

    Mom and I watched the inauguration today on our small-screened television. We were awake from 12midnight until 2am just to witnessed the oath taking ceremony of President Obama.

    Everyone out there are emotional. I believe there are critics who came just to look for mistakes of the president elect.And there are people out there who really support and like Obama's principles.

    I agree with you, we have to pray for him and for every person who will be surrounding him on his presidential journey.

    Nice post. Thank you.God bless you abundantly!!!


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