It Can Only Be A MIRACLE

Well, if you've seen the news you probably know about this story but I'm posting something about it anyway. LOL Yesterday a plane landed into the Hudson. Everyone on the plane got off safely.What a wonderful thing! So it is only by God's faithful hand that this plane didn't explode from the fact that the pilot didn't have time to empty fuel and it's amazing as well that the plane didn't break in half because of impact. This is amazing! Aside from the fact that this is a miracle it also provided a time for people to see the beauty in humanity. It is so nice to see people coming together and helping one another. White, Black, Mexican... it doesn't matter what your race is- all these people just coming together the way God longs to see it. Just wanted to post on it! God Bless you today!!!

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  1. It was a great lesson of God's faithfullness and how people can come together in unity.... You are right... Blessings...


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