It's Time to Make a DIFFERENCE!!

It is so time to make a difference! Thinking about the stuff in the world that just gets accepted, it's wrong and someone needs to do something about it. God has called to be a voice and make an impact for His Kingdom and I am so tired of just sitting around not doing anything about it. God has a huge calling on each one of our lives. I'm not going to not accept His calling because it's greater than anything I could ever want or dream. If we were meant to not make an a difference we wouldn't have been created because what is something that has no purpose? I'm ready and willing to take a stand. I'm ready to be a voice not an echo to what the world says. My question and challenge to you is this, Will you stand with me? Will you be a voice for the voiceless? Will you speak what God tells you to? I always keep this in mind, to see a change in the world YOU must be the CHANGE that you want to see. If you choose to accept this challenge then let's pray shall we?


We want to be a change in the world. We want to make an impact and mark history for You, Lord. I pray you give us the strength we need to be that change and to stand up for You and the voiceless. Use us, God, as You will. Thank you Lord God! We love you so much!




  1. I want to be available for the Lord's use. Good post.

  2. OOh my. you are a Force to Be Reckoned with!!!! Watch out!! I just love you soo much. You make me smile; you are a beautiful treasure that God has made. That was an awesome post. I am soo glad that I have a friend who loves Jesus like you do. I think that you are an awesome example of the image and the voice that God wanted people to see. You know the saying that actions speak louder than words, I think that’s how I am going to start showing that Jesus is my lord and saver. I think im going to start big by smiling to everyone that I don’t know, saying hey to everyone I see(im shy so.. im going to step out of my shell), helping others, and finding simple ways for god to be able to whisper sweet nothings things in their ears. I am soo glad that I have friends that can help me spread God’s love.
    With love,
    Jennifer Jordan


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