Joy Suckers..

Okay, we all know em', some of us are one but nonetheless we all experience someone who is what I call, 'A joy sucker'. The ones that it doesn't matter how good a day your having can absolutely ruin it in a matter of minutes, they just suck the joy right out of you. The people that you can walk up to tell them "Jesus loves you!" and don't even smile. The people who around Christmas time have a sour look on their face. Etc. But whatever, anyways I was thinking today about joy suckers and how I've been one all day. Probably cause I slept late and have many things to do and here I am blogging when I should be doing those things but that's a different story for a different time! ;) So I decided around an hour and 10 minutes ago to start my day completely over. Wipe out all the bad stuff that was bothering me and just begin again. I want my faith to be LIVED OUT not just something I do behind closed doors. My advice to any joy suckers out there is this, put a smile on your face (because Jesus loves you) and share that smile and love with everyone around you! love yawl!

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