The Lord has been..

teaching my so much! I've had so many different things going on in my heart. So here's what the Lord has been teaching me.
Number 1:
God has been teaching me about how I start my day. You know I didn't really think about it until now but God told me that the way I start my day is extremely important. If I start my day off getting up and getting on the Internet it usually isn't that great of a day, but if I get up in the morning and worship and spend time with Jesus I usually have a wonderful day! So tip to you is to make sure to put God first and it helps a ton if you get up in the morning and spend time with Him.

Number 2:
Well, the past few days I've been needing some encouragement. I was hoping for someone to build me up and make me feel good and then the Lord was telling me, "All the encouragement you need can and will come from Me." Thinking about that I realized that Jesus is all I need. I don't need encouragement from other people. Feeling as though my affirmation should come from people when actually it should come only from God!

Number 3:
I've been really longing to visit some place. Like another state and just meet new people. I love meeting new people and getting to know them and their personality because it always shows me yet another part of God's personality. But anyways.. I was God, I really want to go somewhere. Then I was reading my Bible and went to Psalm 37:4 which says, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." So maybe I won't get a chance this year to go to another state but if I am just content with the Lord and His will for me now, He may send me to another place in the future. I just need to be content where He has me now. Not always thinking about something "better". So my challenge to you is to be content with where the Lord has you and delight yourself in Him cause He will always know what is BEST for you!!!

Be blessed! love you guys!


  1. I love you!! you are so amazing, and inspiring.
    Gosh, i'm SO lucky to have met you. I think YOU are one of the reasons I am who I am today!! I love you so much! Keep your head up high girl! God is truly using you!!

  2. well, that was like.... WOAH!!! Thanks Coolbean! ;) Your a very special person to me!!


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