Love Revolution!!!

Wouldn't it be amazing to just see a love Revolution!?! Where regardless of our differences we loved each as in fact Jesus Christ told us to do!! This week I've set a goal for myself to not get angry. Now I know I'll have my moments but that's when I'm going to drop to my knees and pray. My goal is to love people this week, so that in turn I can share Jesus with them. Sure, it's not gonna be easy but pretty much all life isn't easy. At least I know that I have a big God to lean upon. Here's questions to ask yourself if you want to join in on having a love revolution. What usually holds you back from loving someone? Answer- Hate, anger, or unforgiveness. <-Once you get the answer then you have to ask yourself these 2 questions, Have I given everything I got to God? Have I surrendered it all to Him? Because if we have then we would get past our hate and anger and let God heal those so that we can love. Matt Pitt says this, "It it worse to have 1 enemy in your heart than to have 10,000 on the battlefield." Our feelings can sometimes be the destruction of ourselves. Not always, but sometimes. I've realized that I have a bit of unforgiveness in my heart. It's not that I can't forgive it's that I can't forget, but is it really forgiving if you can't forget it? I don't think so. You may be thinking, oh my gosh I can't believe this person is telling me that they are having problems forgiving. Reread the title of my blog! :D ha So I'm gonna give God my very best from this point forward. I'm gonna give Him everything, including my feelings. So I'll leave you with this question,
are you willing to join me and give God your all? be blessed!!
love you guys!!! for real! :D

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