The Reason I Sing

Since I was little I've always loved singing. It's always been a passion of mine. Wether I can sing or not.. well, I'm not really sure. ha ha But used to I would dream of standing in front of millions of people and singing my heart out. When I met Jesus pretty much all that changed! My heart loves to sing, but not for people.. for Jesus Christ! I really just love putting on a worship song and singing to Him. It's my passion now. Everyone has a unique way of showing the Lord your love for Him. My ways would be by my life/actions and then it would be singing a new song of praise to Him. It's like incredible things happen when I worship. I desire worshipping God with all me. I love just closing my eyes, lifting my hands and saying God, I surrender my all to You! So this post is to tell you- find your unique way of showing your love to the King and then do it! He loves it when you love on Him. And He loves you!! Pretty much all life comes down to the fact that God loves you so much!!!!! be blessed!!

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  1. so i have to say, i have an amazing best friend.
    you are so, so encouraging! i can't wait to see what else God has in store for you!!


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