Standing for Christ
When you stand for Christ sometimes it means giving some stuff up. I'm not gonna lie to you, it does mean giving up something for Christ. We can't continue living the way we were because that's not what God calls us to. It means that life will be hard. That people will sometimes not like you just because you live for Jesus Christ. Does that mean you should give up? To just forget about Jesus and live your own way? No way!! Because living for Christ is the most exciting, thrilling, hard, special journey that you will EVER go on. And I mean, if you run this race with endurance you get a VERY special crown at the Finish Line in Heaven! Mark 13:13 says this-
"All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved."
I don't know about you, but I want to stand firm for real!!!! But what always runs through my head is.. how? How do I stand firm everyday? Here's a few simple things you can do to stand firm.
1) Read your Bible- God cares for you so much that He spent time creating a Love Letter for you. All He wants you to do with that Love Letter is read it, live it, and share it.
2) Worship- Worship is really important because it's taking the focus off of ourselves and onto the One who really deserves it.
3) Pray- Talking to God is something very important for you to do to stand firm because it's where you just tell your Creator your heart and place your requests before Him.
4) Share your faith- Standing firm is easy when your not doing anything really, but to really put into action what you've learned you gotta share your faith. Jesus didn't say if you 'wanted' to, He commanded us to share with others the Love we have found.

Now my question to you is this- will you join me in standing firm in the faith!? I pray that you will. love ya'll!!


  1. So true. It easy to be Saved if you're dormant within the Body of Christ. I love the Bible being referred to as a "love letter". It reminds me that God is the man in my life, and that I should never let a "boy" take his place with all his empty compliments and futile gestures. As soon as my friend types it up for me, I'll post a Biblical love letter. It is absolutely beautiful, and I think you'll really like it! Anywho, have a super blessed day!!!!

  2. Hey girl! Yeah im kinda gettin into it now. lol. Love you too!

  3. You bet I'll stand firm with you! It's ever so important to follow exactly what you have stated here. Excellant post!

  4. YES! I'm glad to be standing with you guys!! Leslie~ that sounds really cool!! Do that for sure!! :) love ya'll!!


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