This little light of mine...

Don't we serve a beautiful God!?! Beauty is in all sorts of things like...
the sky,
The Bible,
and much more. My favorite beauty from the Lord is looking at the stars. Really, I love them!! That song by Chris Tomlin- Indescribable always goes through my head when I look at the stars. You know what's so cool, is God always knows when I really need to see His beauty. So on the nights when I'm just having a rough time, I go outside and see His beautiful creations shining brightly. It refreshes me and reminds me that like those stars I must shine the Light of the Creator. Sometimes it's so easy to let the situations we face in life make our light shine very dim. But God promises that no matter how tough a situation is, He won't give us anything beyond what we can bare. So I'm gonna do my best that no matter what the situation I won't let the Light that I bare grow dim, but let it shine as brightly as possible!!! That the Love of my Savior will overflow onto the people around me. So I end this post in saying... this little light of mine, I'm gonna LET IT SHINE!! love ya'll!!!!

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