To Be Beautiful..

This a womans longing. You know us ladies just really want to be beautiful in someones eyes. We want someone to be taken with us. That we walk into the room someone is just amazed at us. And you know us girls will look for that love in every place that we can. We find it in different things like... number 1: guys, or food, or in clothes, even in music or people. But you know what? Even before we were born there was Someone who has ALWAYS been taken with us! He's always loved the way we look, talk, and basically ARE! That's what blows my mind! Oh you wanna know who it?! It's GOD!! Yup, He loves you with all His heart and all He wants is for you to love Him back! For you to look at Him in the morning with an open heart ready for what He has for the upcoming day. So for all you ladies out there remember that Jesus Christ loves you with everything in side of Him!!!!!!!!!!! be blessed! and Happy Monday~!


  1. :)

    I'll keep those words in mind and HEART.


  2. Yes indeed! He is the only one that we should worry about affecting. Although it is nice to take care of ourselves as we are His temples, borrowed for our stay on earth. And we do want to look nice for special someones and ourselves for a clear peace of mind. And so we have some flaws, but not to worry, we are a work in progress!


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