Who Are You? You are God's Child!!!

"Yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God..." John 1:12

You hear everyone say this, "I wish I knew who I am." or "I'm trying to find who I am." And I decided to clue you in on who you are! #1 who you are is- You are God's Child. As you read the verse above ^ you can see that in God's Love Letter to you He says that, "You are My Child!" No matter what you do or say you will always be God's child! People can do nothing to you because YOU are God's!!! The absolute apple of His eye! So, spend some time reflecting on God today and the fact that YOU are His Daughter or Son! love ya'll! Happy Sunday!


  1. First I want to apologize for not keeping up in the blogging world. I so love coming by and reading your blog. It's been crazy here and I am not good at organizing my time. I hope to get better and have been working on it.

    As for this post, very good. We are His daughter and should go to Him to be led to do what He has planned for us!

    So very true.

  2. Oh that's okay, I know that pretty much everybody is really busy. But I understand : ) Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!!!


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