"Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord' and do not do what I say?" Luke 6:46

I've read through Luke a few times and you know what? I've never "read" that verse before. I read it like a few weeks ago and I was like, has this verse always been there (though I know it has lol). Anways, this post is on that verse. I do my best to follow God and be obedient to Him. But I find myself doing just what Jesus said, calling Him 'Lord, Lord' and not actually being who He's called and chosen me to be. Sometimes it gets really hard. And you feel like giving up, but we can't give up on God! He's never once given up on us, so why would we do that to Him who made us? I'm really gonna try my best to actually do what He tells me to do and not just say the 'right' things. I'm not gonna say things just to please people and I'm certainly not gonna do something just to please someone.

Pleasing People...
Why should we live to please people? We shouldn't because there's no reason. Who are some of the people we try to please? Well, there's always the 'popular' crowd. We do everything we can to be cool with them and for what? Most of the time they'll love you for a week and then leave you. We need to hang out with people who love us for who we are. No matter how much cash you got, what you wear, or how you talk. We need to hang out with people who love God just as much as we do and who will call us out when we're going something that's not pleasing to God. So remember today to LIVE for God and love God and others. love u guys!!!!!!! peace <3


  1. Amen! The only one to please is God. Should we be good Christians and worshippers? Of course. Love the message. Keep them coming!

  2. People pleasing is never fulfilling is it? Love your message...blesings to you!

  3. No, people pleasing is not fulfilling!! But pleasing the King is~!!!!!!!!!! love ya'll!


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