I am on my knees in God's faithfulness. The past few weeks have been rough and trying. I've had the question in my head if the things I need to be blessed with will ever happen. But I serve a BIG, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING God and I will NOT let that stinky devil mess with me. Ya know sometimes I don't like it when it gets quiet because the enemy always gets at me. When it's quiet I start thinking (which isn't always a good thing lol) and the enemy tells me stuff like this...
God's not gonna help you.
You've come as far as your gonna come.
Your not gonna make it.
That thing so and so is true. Your a failure.
You'll never become anything.
Why would God use you?
These things become so strong sometimes that ya know.. you start believing them. Then the TRUTH God has placed in His love letter to us feels "unimportant". But the Word is the most powerful thing that God has given us. And satan knows that. That's why he does his best to keep us from reading because he knows the minute we start getting involved with the Word of God we'll begin to know our TRUE identity. We'll begin to know that we are the Apple of God's eye and that He loves us beyond anything!!!!!!! Let me just tell you that if satan is yapping in your ear don't believe what he says for a second!!! Let God whiper His truth into your ear. And this time you can BELIEVE it because it's TRUE!!!!! You are so special!!! Don't EVER forget it! The King of kings is enthralled by your beauty!! be blessed!!

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