"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.." Romans 1:16

Well, the past 24 hours has been not stop rain and thunder and lightening. Let me tell you, when it comes to storms I'm fine, until it messes up my life! lol When I can't do anything, that makes me mad. So I sat around the house for hours yesterday. But it wasn't completely unproductive because I was able to finish reading a book (more on that later). But as I was sitting there I was thinking about the above verse in Romans. It seems everyone is ashamed of Jesus. Mostly from the "it may offend someone" mindset. I mean we all have our fears but let me tell you that I will not apologize for being passionate about Jesus Christ. Sometimes we hope someone will see Him in us (which is great) and that they will come up to us and say, hey why are you so happy or whatever and we'll be able to to tell them about God. But some people are shy and won't do that but they need Jesus too, so it's up to us as Christians to be bold and courageous and share His love. You know what, everyone in the world is looking and searching for something or someone to believe in. I want to do my ABSOLUTE BEST to point them to the One who can satisfy all their cravings. Sometimes I'm not so sure I do such a good job. But God is so faithful and He will always direct our paths to someone who needs Him. So we can trust Him. I want to encourage you that if you don't know Jesus and His love for you please, comment on my blog so I can talk with you about Him. Jesus Christ will absolutely change your life and revolutionize who you are!!!! He can restore you and heal you from everything in your life. Gosh, if you could know how much He loves you it would blow your mind away! I want EVERYONE who reads this to remember that JESUS LOVES YOU WITH ALL HIS HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be blessed, love y'all!


  1. Great Post! I know that I fall short when it comes to sharing Jesus with others. But Im working on it.

  2. oh...almost forgot...Have you checked out www.iamsecond.com yet? Its great!

  3. This is great what you are doing! I pray you can reach others. You're right, it's gotten to be a worry of offending someone. That is sad, really sad how religion or should I say God has been steadily been removed from society. It's a sad shame, but we as Christians can change all that. God Bless


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