Fireproof is one of the best movies ever!! Just like Facing the Giants it's a movie that spoke to my heart and showed me a lot of new things!! To anyone who hasn't seen the movie I HIGHLY encourage you to go out and buy it or rent it!!! It's absolutely amazing!! God has His hand on those movies for sure. If you haven't seen Facing the Giants then you need to rent that too!! Both movies are incredible!!! love ya'll!!! be blessed!!


  1. I love both those movies...I got Facing the Giants on DVD for christmas and I saw Fireproof back when it opened in theaters and I just got it on DVD. i bawled like a 3 year old during that movie. lol. They're such amazing movies.

  2. :)
    I gave "facing the giants" to my boyfriend as a present


    we love it !

    and we haven't watched FIREPROOF, I think there's an event tomorrow night at my church so couples get to watch it

  3. Daughter of Christ- oh yeah I cried too! lol

    Saii~ you should go and watch Fireproof!! I think it will bless you a lot!!! love you both!!!!!


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