HE LIKES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, it's not a boy. This may sound weird or silly but I just learned this so I am sharing it! Sure, Jesus loves us and that is AWESOME!!!! But guess what? Jesus actually LIKES us! That's what all people want is to be liked. Jesus likes us "as is". He will never ditch us because we don't wear the latest fads or talk in the latest words. Jesus likes you for YOU! He likes us whether we are the coolest, most popular person, or have the most friends or if we're the healthiest person. So just a reminder to you don't forget that JESUS LIKES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other thing I want to post on is.....

Everyone has a label. You've got Christian (which is my label) and emo, punk, preppy, jock, nerd, stay-at-home-mom, cheerleader.. etc. But when I woke up this morning something popped into my head, "I don't wanna be labeled." The only label I will claim is that I am Jesus'. Everything else will not be labeled upon me. Why let someone put you in a group? You've heard people tell each other to "think outside the box" so why do we stay inside the box? Don't let people decided who you are right away. The only thing that is truly important for people to see is that you love Jesus and others. Don't label yourself and don't let other people do so either. l o v e y' a l l!!!!!


  1. Excellant post! So very true. Boy, do we think a like or what. I wrote something similar to this. God is good!!! Blessings to you.

  2. Let God define our lives. Not man.


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