"I'm all ALONE!"

Ever had someone tell you that? Or maybe you were the person who said it. Either way I want to tell you that you are NOT alone!!! This is the month of love (Valentines Day) and it seems like everyone thinks that if they don't have a boyfriend or if they don't have a girlfriend then they are worthless and alone. Why does this world make it sound and look like if you don't have a special someone on your arm your just a sad person with no purpose. Look, if your single that's GREAT! And if your not single that's great too!! It does not matter what your 'status' is. So a couple weeks ago I'm walking through Walmart and looking at all the Valentines day stuff (yeah, i'm hardcore like that! ;) and I'm seeing bears and hearts and stuff that says 'Be Mine', and 'I love you', and then I see something that says 'Your Mine' and it may be silly but it sorta reminded me that I am the Lord's and if no one in this entire world likes me it doesn't matter because I belong to Him. So do YOU!!! You belong to the Creator of your soul and He loves your more than you can imagine! He has SO much in store for you and all He wants you to know deep in your heart is that You are His!!!!!!
A lot of times our outlook on life is determined by the wounds deep within our hearts. Not physical but emotional. Sometimes it's friends that wound your heart, sometimes it's parents, sometimes it's your teacher at school, or it can be someone who goes to Church with you. People wound our hearts and instead of us going to the Ultimate Healer we go to other things like food, alchol, drugs, or even- more people. So if you have some untended wounds in your heart go to God today and begin to let Him heal them. They aren't helping anything while they are just 'there'. Let God take you into His arms and whisper His love into your heart and ear. God is so taken by you! He sees you all the time and not once does He ever get tired of looking at you or talking to you!!!! Let the Lord be taken with you today! Let Him have your heart this month because you will never be the same!! Remember that you aren't alone, You've got JESUS!!!!!!!!!! love, love, LOVE you guys!!

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