It Takes Effort

So, God has been revealing some pretty amazing things to me. But the main thing has been about relationships... mainly mine with Him. Okay think about relationships with me for a sec. When your in one you are happy (usually), excited, and LOVE spending time with that person. Now if your serious then you will put effort into that relationship. Usually you don't slack off. Then why is it when we have a relationship with Jesus we just put in as little effort as possible? Well, not all of this do this and certainly not all the time, but we all have our moments where we slack off (which is normal in any relationship), but sometimes once we slack off a little bit we just keep putting in less and less effort. Basically the purpose of this post is just that in your relationship with Jesus Christ don't slack off on Him, because He puts SO much effort into us and we can do the same. love yawl!


  1. awe girl He's been showing the same thing to me this week, I am totally on the same page with you here!

  2. Finish strong! Thanks for the encouraging words.


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