Lord of All?

Okay, So God gave me this amazing revelation over the weekend. I've been struggling a bit with different things and I was listening to God talk to me about some things. But to be extremely honest I didn't listen for awhile. I didn't want to let go of some of the things God wanted me to. So He told me this amazing thing, "You have accepted my Son as your Savior, but not as the Lord over everything in your life." You'd think that this would be something that happens from the point you accept Jesus, but obviously, it's doesn't. Ha ha. So, I was like... what? Of course Jesus is the Lord of my life. But then I was hit by the hard truth that I haven't completely surrendered everything and I hadn't really made Him Lord of my life. So I started to cry. And broken by His grace and love I started to pray and surrender all the things that I haven't and now i feel a good bit at peace. Some of the things I needed to surrender have been a struggle for me, but I just start praying. So for any of you who haven't made Jesus the true Lord of everything I pray that you will today because He will set you free indeed!! For sure, I can tell you that on experience. love you peoples!!!! God Bless!

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  1. Amen. What an awesome God. He reveals to us and it is up to us to obey.


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