Seaglass and Sin

Hello peoples! Well, I got a cool thing that God showed me. Sunday I was watching the Travel Channel (how hardcore of me ;) and was watching this lady (don't know exactly what the show was lol) and she was looking for seaglass. And so they looked around the water and then explained how seaglass comes about. Seaglass is well, glass that people throw out in the ocean and after it's been out there awhile the ocean works it over and it turns sorta roundish and has these beautiful elabortate colors. So I was like, "wow God, You are Awesome!" See, God knew that we humans would pollute the earth, and He especially knew that we would leave bottles and junk on the beach, so what did God do when He created the earth? He made something really special out of the trash we leave around. Seaglass! So then I was thinking about this, God knew we would sin. He knew we would mess up, and fail Him, so He gave us His Son, Jesus Christ so that He could make us something really speacial and beautiful! He gave us forgiveness!!!! So, my point in all this is telling you that don't let someone tell you that you aren't worth anything and that you aren't special because you are!!!! He made YOU special and He loves you dearly! None of us deserve forgiveness, but we have it! That's God's grace and love for you right there!

You are special. You are forgiven. You are set free. You are His. You are made in God's image. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are loved.

love,love,loves you guys!!!


  1. about the following thing; I have not idea why it des that, but it happened to me with anther blgger. After a while it let me.

    Lauren Ann

  2. hey girl this is awesome to to think about! Thanks for commenting me a while back :)
    Love you!


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