This may step on some toes... oh well!

Here are some things that I have heard many people say before:

"God is not a loving God, if He were bad things wouldn't happen."

"God cannot exist. It's not possible."

"There is no evidence that there was a Son of God."

"I don't live for God, because i don't wanna be wrong in the end. "

"Christians are so mean, they tell people that if they don't believe in God then they'll go to Hell."

It's really sad some of the reasons people give for not believing in God. Alot of the reasons are ridiculous, some are a bit understandable.None the less there is a God in Heaven who loves you. I've read a ton of reasons. I've met people who have been atheists. You know, I'm not judging anyone who may not believe in God- that's your personal choice. But I do have something for anyone who doesn't believe in Him to think about.

Here's the thing... if you wanna believe there is no God then there is a 50/50 chance that your right or that your wrong. 50% chance that there is no God that the whole world is just an accident and freak of nature. So no need to think about Heaven or anything like that because it won't exist. But there is a 50% chance that there is a God (and yes there is) and that He created you for a mighty purpose and to live for Him. So where does that leave us? Well, you can choose to live for the Living God and in the end if your right and there is no God what problem do you have? The fact that you lived a wonderful life full of love and forgiveness? But what if there is? If you were to meet Jesus Christ face to face right now, would you be in Heaven or in Hell?

I struggled with whether to post this or not because I didn't want to "offend" anyone or make someone angry. But there is no such thing as a feel good message all the time. Jesus told us that we would have to take up our Cross daily. So if God wants me to post this, then I will walk in obedience and do so. To anyone who has been thinking of believing in God but then really is sure, let me just challenge you to something:

Live it all out for Jesus Christ (and I mean really live it all for Him) and if your life isn't changed then you can go about doing your own thing. But let me tell you, once you have an encounter with Jesus you won't want to live for yourself anymore because you will have the void in your heart filled. My prayer is that you learn that God

Be truly blessed!


  1. hey girl you are so right! I have a friend right now who isn't sure if she's really saved and she believes in God, but she just not sure if she's really on the right track, you know?
    And everything she's been telling me sounds just like the spot I was in three years ago. I knew I couldn't try to ease her conscience because then she wouldn't figure it out for herself but I pulled out my old diary from that time when I was asking myself those same questions, and I'd written that Romans 10 explained a lot for me. So I think I'm gonna direct her to that chapter, maybe it'll help her figure things out. But it was so easy to understand that God's actually there.
    I always tell people the way I know for sure is because He made Himself real to me, and He was so much like a person that I couldn't ignore him.
    When I was weighing all that out, His voice was so loud I couldn't hardly even look at all the other factors out there. I didn't need to- He made it so that He was enough. I love you girl! Stay close with Him.

  2. Fabulous post! I hope you do reach some people who need to hear that and come closer to the Lord because of you. God Bless you!

  3. Thanks for the comments loves!!! Virginia~ that is an amazing testimony and I hope you share it with everyone because God will you it to change lives!

    Denise~ thank you so much! all the glory goes to God!


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