What Are You Bowing To?

We all have emotional wounds that are cut very deep. And we always find something to fill that wound up with. Or so we think it fills us up, really it just masks what's really going on. What are some things we bow down to?
the toilet (eating disorders),
money... etc.
All just stuff. Nothing that will ever heal your heart. So what is something I bow to? Food. I eat when I'm happy, bored, sad, mad, excited. But the Lord says that my body is His holy temple and I should take care of it. Not meaning to be a "health freak" or something but to just work out eat right (with the occasional splurge ;) What do you bow down to? Exodus 19:3 says, "You shall have no other gods before Me." Since there is no other god but Him above. What we need to ask ourselves is what am I trying to fill when I bow to _____? I just want to encourage you to find out what it is that you are trying to fill. Is it not having a father active in your life? Feeling like your not good enough for anything? Trying to measure of to the world and it's standards? (Which by the way is never a good idea because you won't ever be "good enough" to the world.) Whatever it is, when you find it, give it to God and let Him heal you. It's the only way to be completely made new and healed. God bless! Remember the only One to bow to is the Lord Jesus!!!!!!!! Love ya'll!


  1. Hey, thank you for stopping by our blog! I hope you'll come back soon. ;)

    ~Claudia and Natasha

  2. Thank you for this one. You actually got me to thinking and it's funny, as hubby & I were just discussing this very thing that I've been struggling with and now I can let go. You are awesome! Thank you Lord for such a beautiful person. Isn't it great how His timing is Always Perfect? Blessings to you.


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