You Make Time for the Things you love....

Well, I spent the past couple minutes trying to figure out what to blog on and then I thought of it... we make time for the things we love. Don't we? Yeah we do. This is just gonna be totally honest. NOTE: to any of you "holier-than-thous" out there, this post may shock you!

Sometimes when I get up in the morning I don't "feel" like spending time with Jesus. Gosh, i love Jesus Christ with all my heart but sometimes I wanna watch tv. So I watch an episode of CSI NY and... then another... and then another... and so on. Next thing I know the day is gone and i haven't spent any time with my Savior. And that makes me mad. The enemy is very good at what he does and he is very tricky. God doesn't ask us for anything but our lives and time. That's not alot considering what we deserve. So when we don't take time to spend time with Him it hurts Him. I don't want to hurt Him at all. So I was thinking about how to prevent this and instead I thought of something that I hear alot at church, you make time for the things you love. If you truly love Jesus then you will make time for Him. So it was painful to think about this but I decided that in order to have everything in my life balanced I need to start my day off right and that is by spending time with my Lover, Jesus Christ! I wanted to share this with you, not to point the finger but to say that we all get off track sometimes and we all are imperfect. But God's grace is sufficient and when we fall He picks us right back up and says, "it's okay my Child, just keep going. It's all forgiven." So just remember today to take time to make time for Jesus!! I love you guys!!!


  1. .. and you start the day in a differet way...

  2. AMEN!!! This was good. Very, very good. I so needed this one. I too am distracted at times. The enemy and his ways. Grrr. Yes, I've been getting nudge more lately, as I've been struggling off and on. God is always waiting faithfully. You are right, we don't deserve how good we are treated. Love you and thank you.

  3. Amen! You are so right- and I'm the same way. I am so selfish when it comes to how I spend my time... when I get done with homework or other responsibilities, I would rather sit around and do nothing, or do something completely un-productive rather than spending time in the presence of my Savior. Whereas, I should feel HONORED that He wants to spend time with me- I should be jumping at, and cherishing the opportunity to spend time with Him, not taking it for granted. Thank you for your encouragement :) Be very blessed!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I have struggled with this very thing.


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