Are You Ready?

I have been thinking about Heaven and Jesus returning for His Disciples and I want to make sure that everybody is prepared when He returns. I was thinking about how much I mess up everyday and yet Jesus still loves me like He does! I can't tell you how many bad days I have when I just don't want to tell anyone about who Christ is and sometimes I don't but what we must remember is that knowing Jesus and making Him known is what we are on this Earth for!! Jesus told us in the Bible that He did not come to be served but to serve and I thought, gosh I spend so much time on myself and very little on the people around me. It really upset me and troubled me. But God is so faithful and helps us when we aren't who we think God wants us to be. So I am going to take what Jesus said to heart and really not come to be served but to serve others and invest time into other people and really be there to listen and love on them so that they know Jesus' love for them. There is a quote that says, "you may be the only Bible someone ever reads." (author unknown) and what that means is your life may be the only chance for a person to know Jesus. I don't want any of you all missing out on Heaven because you didn't personally know Jesus or make Him known. I don't want you missing out on the incredible opportunities and plans God has for each of you! Everyone has a calling for their life and may I should state that again... EVERYONE has a calling for their life and plans that God has for them and they are no greater or not because God makes all His children's lives specially. I want to ask you, what do you live for? Is it that next high that comes from drugs? Or that next buzz that comes from drinking? Or are you living one party to the next? Whatever it is I want to invite you to come to the Lord and let Him love on you like NONE OTHER because He really does love you. You don't need to party or hang out with people who don't really like you just to feel alive because living for Jesus will be one of the most thrilling, exciting, scary, loving journey you could EVER have and Jesus is willing to give you freedom from the past and all that it held in it. Jesus died to set all of us free and not one of us can ever deserve it but we have it and I think each one of us should accept His offering for a beautifully rich blessed life. Jesus said, "It is finished." when He died on the Cross. I heard an interesting word from Matt Pitt on this and he said that he believes that when Jesus said that on the Cross He started looking up to Heaven and said, "It.." and then He looked through the crowd of people who were around and somewhere found the devil way down there and said, "is FINISHED." How powerful that is!!!!! It's not really official since none of us know exactly how the Cross and all went but it is a fresh way of thinking of it. So I finish this with are you ready to live it up for Christ? Are you ready and prepared for when Jesus comes back? You can be! Just pray the prayer on the side of my blog and let me know so that I can pray for you. Now you have a fresh, new, CRUNK life to live for Jesus Christ!!!! love y'all soo much!! be blessed by this~


  1. Beautiful. What a wonderful plea for people to come to Christ! What a beautiful gift you have. Keep writing, I'll bet you are drawing many to Him! God Bless you! Love and hugs to you!

  2. I definitely agree with the person's comment above me. This was a great entry and can easily hit home in a person way for a lot of people.
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog!
    I made my banner on www.picnik.com. I found my own background and sized it how I wanted to on the paint program on my computer. Everything else I did on picnik (text, coloring, etc.).
    It's pretty easy to figure out once you start, but if you need help, I'm here.

    Otherwise, you're in my prayers, and you too, should continue writing!
    God Bless with Love,

  3. That is the greatest message any person can hear! It's the most important decision any person can make! HE is most important decision any person can make!


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